Garrick Blalock 

Associate Professor
Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Cornell University


AEM 6600: Managerial Economics

Working Papers

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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
  1. Understanding Foreign Direct Investment in the Southern African Development Community: An Analysis Based on Project-Level Data with Nomathemba Mhlanga and Ralph Christy, Agricultural Economics, May/July 2010, 41(3–4), 337–347.
  2. Gender Bias in Power Relationships: Evidence from Police Traffic Stops with Jed DeVaro, Stephanie Leventhal, and Daniel H. Simon, forthcoming, Applied Economics.
  3. Financial Constraints on Investment in an Emerging Market Crisis with Paul J. Gertler and David I. Levine, Journal of Monetary Economics, April 2008, 55(3), 568–591.
  4. Do All Firms Benefit Equally from Downstream FDI? The Moderating Effect of Local Suppliers' Capabilities on Productivity Gains, with Daniel H. Simon, Journal of International Business Studies, June 2009, 40, 1095–1112.
  5. A Firm-Level Examination of the Exports Puzzle: Why East Asian Exports Didn’t Increase After the 1997–1998 Financial Crisis? with Sonali Roy<, The World Economy, January 2007, 30(1), 39–59.
  6. Welfare Gains from Foreign Direct Investment through Technology Transfer to Local Suppliers with Paul J. Gertler, Journal of International Economics, March 2008, 74(2), 402–421.
  7. Imports, Productivity Growth, and Supply Chain Learning with Francisco Veloso, World Development, July 2007, 35(7), 1134–1151.
  8. Learning from Exporting Revisited in a Less Developed Setting with Paul J. Gertler, Journal of Development Economics, December 2004, 75(2), 397–416.
  9. Driving Fatalities After 9/11: A Hidden Cost of Terrorism with Vrinda Kadiyali and Daniel H. Simon, Applied Economics, June 2009, 41(14), 1717–1729.
  10. The Impact of Post 9/11 Airport Security Measures on the Demand for Air Travel with Vrinda Kadiyali and Daniel H. Simon, Journal of Law and Economics, November 2007, 50(4), 731–755.
  11. Hitting the Jackpot or Hitting the Skids: Entertainment, Poverty, and the Demand for State Lotteries with David R. Just and Daniel H. Simon, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 2007, 66(3), 545–570.
  12. How Firm Capabilities Affect Who Benefits from Foreign Technology with Paul J. Gertler, Journal of Development Economics, November 2009, 90(2) 192–197.
Book Chapters
  1. Foreign Direct Investment and Externalities: The Case for Public Intervention, with Paul J. Gertler. In Does FDI Promote Development?, Theodore H. Moran (editor). Institute for International Economics, Washington, D.C., 2005, 73–106.
Book Reviews
  1. Review of Multinational Corporations in Indonesia and Thailand, Eric D. Ramstetter and Fredrik Sjoholm (eds), Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, August 2007, 43(2), 269–270.

Other Publications

A few articles I wrote for engineering trade magazines.
  1. How To Estimate DSP Processor Performance with Phil Lapsley, IEEE Spectrum, July 1996, 74–78.
  2. Different Strategies Boost DSP's Abilities, Electronic Engineering Times, February 10, 1997, 68.
  3. General-Purpose Microprocessors for DSP Applications: Consider the Trade-Offs, Electronic Design News, October 23, 1997, 165.